Eco-eco seminar series - "Energy Transitions: Economic Aspects and Policies".

Del 21/03/2012 al 21/03/2012

Prof. van den Bergh (ICTA-UAB)

March 21th from 14h to 15h30 (Aula Q4/1003 Escola d'Enginyeria building)

Prof. van den Bergh is ICREA Research Professor at the UAB as well as Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics in the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration and the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam. He obtained a Master in Econometrics from University of Tilburg (1988) and a PhD in Economics from VU University (1991). He was awarded the Royal/Shell Prize 2002 for research on "Sustainable Development, Environment and Resources" and the 2011 Premi "Sant Jordi" de Medi Ambient from the Institute for Catalan Studies. He is editor-in-chief of the journal "Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions" and editor of the Edward Elgar book series "Advances in Ecological Economics".

His research is on the intersection of economics, environmental science and innovation studies. Past work includes dematerialization and recycling, ecological-economic modelling, construction of aggregate indicators, and spatial and international aspects of environmental policy. Work in recent years involves evolutionary economics and innovation, and economics of climate change. The first covers social-technological transitions to sustainable energy, the suitable mix of environmental and innovation policies, and optimal technological diversity. The second addresses the evaluation of climate policy, behavioral economics and happiness.

Below is a short abstract of Jeroen's talk and attached is the paper that he will be presenting. His discussant will be Prof. Jesús Ramos Martín.

Col·laboradors: Isabelle Anguelovski

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