02/07/2015 - 02/07/2015
ICTA Seminar - "Climate change at the end of an Ice Age"[disponible en anglès]

09/07/2015 - 09/07/2015
Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice - activity: "Is carbon trading the answer to climate change?"[disponible en anglès]

28/09/2015 - 02/10/2015
Special course: "Integrated, participatory assessment procedures to promote energy access and environmental sustainability: The case of Southern Africa"[disponible en anglès]


ICTA Seminar - "Jelly fish invasions: ecological, economical and social impacts"

Del 19/03/2012 al 19/03/2012

Confenciant: Veronica Fuentes (ICM-CSIC)
Hora: 12:30
Lloc: Sala de Graus de l'Escola d'Enginyeria

Col·laboradors: Montserrat SarrÓ Adroguer

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